JSE Data

The JSE Ltd (formerly known as The Johannesburg Stock Exchange) is the largest market for listed shares in Africa and one of the top twenty stock exchanges in the world. As part of its operations, the JSE provides a wide range of share prices, market statistics, news and indices (in conjunction with FTSE) to market participants. ProfileData is one of the authorised vendors through which JSE data is made available to investors.

ProfileData's specialised feeds combine JSE data with proprietary statistics calculated by ProfileData Research.

JSE data and additional statistics included in Magic™ encompass the following categories:

  • Historical time-series data (prices, volumes, etc)
  • Delayed intra-day data
  • Official end-of-day data
  • Market statistics
  • News (SENS – Stock Exchange News Service)
  • Corporate actions (listing activity, mergers, etc)
  • Indices and sectors

Stock data is a category of JSE information of particular interest to share investors. For more detail on the range, frequency and depth of stock data provided by ProfileData, visit the stock data page .