FTSE/JSE Indices

The FTSE/JSE indices provide market data on the JSE and its major sectors via a joint venture between the JSE and the FTSE Group, a world leader in the management of indices.

The market indices that apply to the JSE follow, as far as possible, the global classification codes. These define indices at various levels within a hierarchical tree, with the broadest indices at the top and the narrowest at the bottom. More detailed information can be found at the JSE's website, www.jse.co.za .

Index Categories

ProfileData supplies the full range of FTSE/JSE indices subject to licensing requirements. Certain indices – such as the Specialist Indices and Tradable Indices – attract additional exchange fees depending on distribution and usage.

Core Indices

The core indices, which are included automatically with all Magic™ and ProfileData download products, include the main headline indices, the economic group indices, and the sector and sub-sector indices.

Major headline indices in the core valuations set include:

  • JSE All Share Index (Alsi)
  • Industrials Index
  • Financials Index
  • Resources and Basic Materials
  • Mining Index
  • Gold Mining Index
  • Platinum Mining Index
  • SA Listed Property Index
  • Small Cap Index

Sector Indices

All versions of Magic™ ship with the full range of sector indices, including:

  • Banks
  • Coal
  • Financial Services
  • Food Producers
  • General Retailers
  • Health Care
  • Media
  • Mobile Telecomms
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software & Computer Services
  • Technology
  • Travel & Leisure

Tradable Indices

The tradable indices are also included with all Magic™ downloads on an end-of-day basis. The JSE tradable indices are:

  • Topi (Top 40)
  • Resi 10
  • Indi 25
  • Fini 15
  • Findi 30
  • GLDX

Users of MagicCORPORATE should note that additional JSE charges apply (which must be paid directly to the JSE) if the tradable indices are used as part of an investment product offering.

Specialist Indices

Due to individual licensing costs, the specialist indices are only offered to users of MagicCORPORATE by arrangement. The JSE's specialist indices include the Shariah, RAFI 40, Capi, Swix and Style indices.

Data History

The JSE Actuaries Indices were replaced in 2002 by the FTSE/JSE Africa Index Series. Historical data back to 1995 was created for statistical purposes and is available as part of the Magic™ and ProfileData downloads where applicable. Additional history, calculated by ProfileData, is available back to 1960 for certain headline indices.

Record Types

In addition to the daily closing value for each index, additional data fields are available for JSE indices as follows:

  • Open
  • High
  • Low
  • Volume
  • Value Traded
  • Total Return Index (TRI)