Fundamental Data

What are 'fundamentals'?

The term 'fundamentals' is often used to describe any information about stocks that is not time-series data (such as prices and volumes). Under this definition, 'fundamentals' covers an enormous range of facts and figures beyond company financials.

Fundamentals are an essential element in the armoury of the investor and trader – everyone wants to know what a company does and how it makes its money. Even the most hardened chartists, who claim to shun fundamentals, usually know something about the companies whose stock they buy, even if just the industry they operate in.

The problem with fundamental data is that there is just so much of it! The Magic™ product range aims to present fundamental information in a way that is organised and useful. Standardised presentation makes it quick and easy to answer simple questions.

Don't be daunted by fundamentals! As an investor, you don't need to study all the fundamentals for every company. Rather, what you need is organised information that ensures you have the answers to a few basics with as little effort as possible. A few examples:

  • when does the company report?
  • what do they do?
  • are they trading under a cautionary?
  • does the market expect better profits?
  • do they pay regular dividends?

Only ShareMagic™ allows you to answer questions like these quickly and easily (in most cases you can even set alerts so that the answers find you before you've even asked the question).

Read on for an overview of the fundamental dataset made available to Magic™ users…

Fact Sheet Data

Nature of business A quick overview of operations and activities
Exchange header data Key ID information such as JSE code, ISIN and sector classification

Statutory information

Registration number, sponsors, auditors, bankers, registered address details, and so on


Executives and non executives, independent or otherwise

Capital structure

Securities in issue and outstanding

Corporate Actions


Calendar information

Estimated and confirmed dates of AGMs, results and dividends
Events Cautionaries, trading statements and related

Operational Data

Major shareholders Who controls the board
Investments Subsidiaries, associates and other major investments
Size and history Number of employees, date founded, etc
Contribution by activity Sources of turnover and profit come from (where available)

Branding information

Product names and trademarks

Financial Data

Summarised financials Please click here for more information
Ratios Standardised ratios calculated by ProfileData to help measure financial performance
Share statistics Earnings figures and other yield information calculated by ProfileData to simplify fundamental analysis
Consensus forecast data Analyst forecasts for the major stocks
Glossies Complete library of annual reports in electronic (mostly PDF) format

Dividend information

Full dividend history with actual payouts, dates and scrip options




The JSE Stock Exchange News Service – live online and fully archived by company in the database and categorised by type
Media Comment Links to breaking stories and opinion in the press and online media
Results Summaries Exclusive text summaries of financial results, generated by the ProfileData research department
Corporate Events Acquisitions, unbundlings, rights issues, share splits, consolidations and more



Value-Added Data


Director Dealings Database view of director dealings in real-time or by company
Valuation Data Exclusive analysis of every JSE company, including risk/return profile, PEG ratio (graphic), beta analysis, and additional ratios
Performance Analysis RoI data (Return on Invesment) including dividends over various periods up to 10 years

Dividend information

Full dividend history with actual payouts, dates and scrip options