Economic Indicators

The top-down approach to investing means taking a view on where the world is going. Is a recession looming or is prosperity around the corner? Is rampant consumer spending likely to drive retail shares higher, or is unemployment increasing?

To answer these and other questions, some Magic™ users need core economic data.

The default Magic™ dataset covers standard economic time-series datasets such as inflation (CPI), key domestic interest rates, house prices, and major overseas interest rates.

Important economic indicators available as standard in the Magic™ default dataset include:

  • Absa House Price Index
  • SteFI (short-term fixed interest index)
  • Bankers' Acceptance rate (BA rate)
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • CPI excluding OeR
  • FNB call rate
  • FNB House Price Index
  • PPI (Producer Price Index)
  • Repo Rate
  • SA Prime Rate
  • SA Volatility Index
  • USA Deposit Call Rate Index
  • UK Sterling Deposit Rate Call Index