Financial Data

Financial data is a key facet of the fundamental information offered to Magic™ users.

Extracted by ProfileData's research department from the annual and interim reports issued by listed companies, the financial data found in Magic™ makes it easy to spot growth trends, profit patterns or cashflow crunches.

Vital Statistics

Just like you wouldn't buy a car without knowing the size of the engine and the probable fuel consumption, you shouldn't buy a share without knowing a few key facts. With Magic™, getting a handle on a company's vital statistics is as quick as glancing at a familiar spreadsheet.

Key features of the financial data in Magic™ include:

  • detailed figures going back 10 years
  • brilliant spreadsheet-style view
  • standardised models making it easy to compare companies or periods
  • all data captured 'as published'
  • customisable templates – see only the data you want to see
  • data conveniently organised by income statement, balance sheet, cashflow statement, ratios and share statistics

More Than Raw

Financial data in Magic™ is not just about the raw numbers – standardised ratios and per-share statistics are part of the deal. See at a glance if turnover is growing faster than the share price, or if profits are underpinned by cash.

For the trader and private investor, the financials in Magic™ offer quick access and an immediate overview. For the professional investor or analyst, Magic™ offers the added benefit of restated financials and an online library of glossies (full annual reports in electronic form, usually PDF).

Further Analysis

In MagicANALYST and MagicCORPORATE, financial data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel (or other formats) for in-depth analysis or manipulation.

Three Views

The financial analysis tools in MagicGOLD, MagicANALYST and MagicCORPORATE include three awesome views of financial data:

Single company analysis

Spreadsheet-style tabular view of income statement, balance sheet and cashflow items, ratios and share statistics for a single company. Up to 10 years history: finals, interims and quarterlies (where applicable).

Comparative analysis

Tabular view of financials across comparable companies (eg, multiple companies from one sector for one or more financial periods).

Line-item analysis

Allows you to assemble data for one or more line items (ie, profit, turnover, RoE, etc) across multiple companies and multiple time periods.

In MagicANALYST and MagicCORPORATE the data assembled by the application in each view can be exported to Excel for further analysis.