Magic 2012 Upgrade Program






MagicLITE and PRO were developed in VB6, a programming language that Microsoft® will stop supporting from 2013. This was one of the reasons we had to rewrite the software. At the same time, we wanted to move to a new platform in order to facilitate improved performance.

Application Support for LITE and PRO

ProfileData stopped support for MagicLITE and MagicPRO in March 2013. We will maintain the downloads for these products until December 2014. From January 2015 you need to have switched to one of the new packages. Click here to skip down to Upgrade Options.

If you choose to use MagicPRO or LITE please be aware that there may be problems if you switch to a new operating system. In terms of the Microsoft® policy, there is no guarantee that software written in VB6 will run correctly in operating systems higher than Windows™ 7. PRO and LITE may continue to work on new operating systems, but if there are problems with installation or performance ProfileData will not be in a position to give support for these problems.    

Download Support for LITE and PRO

We will maintain the downloads for these products until December 2014. From January 2015 you need to have switched to one of the new packages.

Concurrent Usage of old and new software

Note that you will not have to uninstall LITE or PRO when you upgrade – you will be able to run the old and new packages in parallel. Only one subscription fee will apply (subject to JSE rules).

New Product Range

The new product range is designed to meet the needs of a broader range of investors. At the same time, the code has been completely rewritten using the latest languages.

  • MagicCHART is aimed at users who are not particularly interested in fundamentals and provides the powerful technical analysis capabilities of a resident time-series database.
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  • MagicGOLD provides the great charting tools and detailed fundamentals and financial data for investors and traders who want professional-level tools at a reasonable price.
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  • MagicANALYST offers the best of everything and the most powerful analytical tools available. In addition to all the features of MagicGOLD, MagicANALYST offers unlimited portfolios and access to the Exploration engine.
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  • MagicCORPORATE, ProfileData's flagship product, is designed for the professional, multi-user environment. With all the features of MagicANALYST plus the advantages of a single networked database, MagicCORPORATE is the ideal product for stockbrokers, financial institutions and fund managers.
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Upgrade Options

As part of the new Magic™ product range launch we are offering existing users the following upgrade options:

  • Upgrade LITE to CHART

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  • Upgrade PRO to ANALYST

Note that ANALYST users pay higher monthly subscriptions (R282.00 for MagicGOLD and R343.00 for MagicANALYST).
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Upgrade Procedure

Once you have decided which Magic™ product is best for you we will ship you a new product pack. Installation and registration are straightforward but if you do run into any problems telephone support is only a call away.

Simply do one of the following to make it happen:

  • If you know what you want to do, simply phone Bonang on
    +27 11 728-5510 or fill in the upgrade form.
  • if you are not sure which option to take and would like to discuss your choices with a consultant, please call us on
    +27 11 728-5510
    or send an email to