Below are just a few of the user testimonials we have collected over the years. If you have a Magic™ success story, please let us know.


We believe this is the first port of call for the private investor… We have tried it all and after 24 months of extensive use for our research, explorations and back testing [ShareMagic] is the only software that was up to our exacting standards.

– DVV, Cape Town

I have had the program for almost a year now. Amongst my other charting programs… I really feel that ShareMagic stands above the rest, particularly with regards to it’s fundamental analysis tools – by far the best I have ever used and seen. I also think that the technical aspects of the program are excellent and I use them regularly. I am very satisfied with this program…

I really like the fact that you release your data well before other JSE data providers, I find that some of the other providers have trouble with their data downloads – amazingly, when I download yours, it works!

I am also very impressed with the explorations, particularly for fundamental applications. I have spotted many trends and changes in the market with almost clear cut precision, and I don’t think that I would have been able to discover them without the use of ShareMagic.

– KM, Bramley

ShareMagic has proved to be a superb program enabling me to manage my portfolios professionally. Downloads are fast, taking very little bandwidth. A detailed analysis can then be undertaken at any time offline. Among the numerous features of ShareMagic are that charts can be tailored to individual needs, fundamentals are a wealth of information and all work can be saved. ShareMagic provides me with all the data I need to understand what is happening in the market and the automatic updating of my portfolios, including cash received in dividends, is a real boon.

Of particular interest is the explorations which enable me to identify shares for a fuller investigation.

Above all, the program is extremely user-friendly and the support I receive from ProfileData is excellent. I believe that anyone who is serious about managing their investments will benefit tremendously by using ShareMagic.

– GM, Johannesburg

I have used ShareMagic… for well over 10 years now! If you can’t see how this tool pays for itself in minutes… you are probably not a keen “fundamentals investor”! For all the years I have used it, the evolution to remain at the top of its field has been unquestioned, but to do this whilst retaining power and user simplicity, and also earning the reputation for “cash” dependant reliability, is remarkable!

I have yet to find a tool in any stock market at ten times the price that holds a candle to ShareMagic! Its accurate, timely and comprehensive dataset is accessed by a super-powerful institutive front-end application that makes even the most demanding power user (like me) smile!

– PW, Randpark Ridge

ShareMagic, unlike any other software I have used for stock analysis, has given me a unique edge enabling me to grow my portfolio performance accordingly. Well done ProfileData in creating a professional analysis tool that is unbeatable.

– DJ, Midrand

Rand for rand the best data package for SA investors by an order of magnitude.

– DST, Parkview